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6 lessons you will learn during the EY Up Masterclass Funding

Looking to raise Series A funding in the near future? EY offers you a unique Masterclass that prepares your company for investment. Excited to learn how you can forecast your financials or is your main priority finding the most suited funding mix? In this masterclass you will receive a variety of insights to help you in your search for funding.

Here are the 6 topics that will be covered during the Masterclass :

Module 1: Preparing for investment

The focus of the first module is getting you ready for investment. Veronique Bockstal and Hulya Kavak will help build your ideal business model to make your business scalable. The aim is to create a strong and viable business plan to enhance the attractiveness of your company to investors.

The module experts:

  • Hulya Kavak: Brand, marketing, and communication at EY
  • Veronique Bockstal: Founder of outgrow, Scaling & fundraising coach, Author, Keynote speaker 

Module 2: Financial forecasting

Having trouble valuating your business? Or other problems related to your company’s financial plan? The scope of this module goes from P&L’s and KPI’s to Financial reporting and valuating shares. Four of our finest funding experts will give their key insight and explain in-depth how to forecast your company’s financials.

The module experts:

  • Achim Duempelmann: Senior manager – Strategy and Transactions at EY
  • John-Lukas Langkamp: Corporate Finance Specialist at Viridium
  • Maximilian Rzepka: Strategy and Transactions Director at EY
  • Alexandros Matthiessen: Senior Manager – CFO Consulting at EY 

Module 3: Investor landscape

The variety of options to receive financial aid can seem overwhelming. During the masterclass, you will not only learn about different financial sources but also scan which options are most interesting for your company. Locally or internationally, one source or several sources, all possibilities will be discussed so that you can make a well-informed decision.

The module experts:

  • Daniel Sawatzki: Senior Consultant Strategy and Transactions at EY 
  • Oliver Gaberle: Partner, Transaction & Strategy at EY
  • Zoe vandenbrande: Senior manager Tax Advisory Services at EY
  • Alessia Di Loreto: Project Officer – CEF Digital II – HaDEA

Module 4: Pitching

Delivering a structured and convincing pitch is a crucial part of fundraising. Josephine Lokat and Bruno Wattenbergh will share their experience and knowledge to take your pitching skills to a higher level. Furthermore, they will discuss how a pitch deck should be structured, the key information that it should include, and how to build tension when performing in front of an investor’s audience.

The module experts:

  • Josephine Lokat: Business Development – Strategic Growth Markets at EY
  • Bruno Wattenbergh: Chairman of the EY Belgium Innovation Board

Module 5: Closing the deal

The 5th module demystifies the topic of closing a deal. It focuses on due diligence and the process of doing so. Additionally, you will be provided with the information you need to enhance negotiation skills regarding the term sheet.

The module experts:

  • Dmytro Shevchenko: Senior Manager Strategy, Transaction Advisor, Financial Services EY Parthenon
  • Nina Reinecke: Lawyer at EY  

Module 6: Post-investment

Lastly, the class finishes by explaining the possible next steps. None other than Pieter-Jan Bouten, Line Vyvey and Ludovic Deprez will cover topics such as reporting progress to investors, implementing governance, scaling to international markets, etc.

The module experts:

  • Pieter-Jan Bouten: Entrepreneur. Co-Founder & Exec. Chairman at Showpad
  • Line Vyvey: Executive director at EY
  • Ludovic Deprez: CFO services Partner at EY

Other important information?

This Masterclass combines video content with self-assessments that prepare you for your search for funding.

In 6 weeks’ time, you will get a full overview of what to do when you’re looking for funding.

At the end of the Masterclass, you’ll receive a personal graduation certificate!