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Update on Coronavirus

COVID-19 | Tax support measures for teleworking

New FAST TRACK procedure available Are there alternatives to the traditional workplace? Yes, telework (working from home) is a good alternative you can implement immediately taken into account the measures from the federal government to counter the Covid-19 virus (Corana virus). Telework means “any form

Update on Coronavirus

COVID-19 | Supporting measures issued by the Belgian tax authorities

Original Article on Businesses around the world are hit by the Corona (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak. Fortunately tax authorities in many countries recently took the initiative to alleviate undesirable tax burden in order to support taxpayers suffering from the Corona outbreak. More specifically with respect

Update on Coronavirus

COVID-19 | The most important labor law issues in Belgium

Original article on The number of people infected with Covid-19 continues to rise rapidly. As Covid-19 continues to spread, the question of how to deal with the virus in everyday work has become unavoidable. Many companies have already taken extensive measures to protect health,