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4 reasons why this new R&D subsidy might be a gamechanger for your startup

4 reasons why this new R&D subsidy might be a gamechanger for your startup

Last May 2021, the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), has expanded its support measures for innovation support with an “R&D Feasibility Study”. The projects have a duration of 3 to 12 months and are supported at 40% or 50%, with a grant of between €25,000 and €50,000. This financial support might be a gamechanger for your startup! Our Subsidy experts explain why.

Startup advisory board

3 Reasons why your startup needs an Advisory Board

As a startup, you need to make the right decisions to survive. But instead of second-guessing yourself, why not get some senior external people to help you with that? Sure, you can get some mentor(s) that you find yourself or get through your accelerator. But

How to Write a Job Description in 3 Simple Steps

Download the Job Description Checklist at the bottom of this post! Looking to hire? Writing a job description is more than just making a list of tasks and responsibilities that come with the job. What is life like in your company? Why would someone want

Attractiveness survey

Belgian Attractiveness Survey 2020: 10 key findings

Original article on Belgium remains in the top 5 European countries that attract the most foreign investments. In 2019 too, Belgium remained an attractive country for foreign investors. Last year, our country welcomed 267 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects, which led to the creation