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EYnovation™ Online Workshop | Optimize and improve your online selling

April 30, 2020

EYnovation™ Online Workshop | Optimize and improve your online selling




Please plan to login 15 minutes before the start time so we can admit you all to the lobby in time and avoid technical glitches. 

EYnovation™ will host another interesting Workshop session where we invite founders of The Dot Society, Celine Vermeulen and Caroline De Bruyn, to detail the blocks of not just selling online but also effectively marketing and scaling your business on online channels. 

We are currently living through unprecedented times and are forced to truly innovate to ride the storm. At this time, we realise that you may be navigating through many unknown trajectories and our team would like to support you. With social distancing measures expected to prolong, online selling, marketing and scaling is the new norm for most businesses. 

While online selling makes global audiences accessible, it also leads to global competitiors. Consumers are now offered innumerable choices and in order to gain their loyalty and trust, the first step is standing out from the noise. We understand that this is not as easy as it sounds, selling online can be an easy 1-2-3 step, however, doing it succesfully requires skill and knowledge. 

Therefore, in the first session of our online selling and marketing series we will cover 

  • Online marketing and the impact on your business bottom line

  • Making the right decisions in a data-driven and strategic way to maximize ROI. 

  • Customer journey & digital touchpoints 

  • Building blocks for growth: website, mobile first, service etc

  • Shift from outbound marketing to inbound marketing - Buyer persona, customer journey, expense, communication 

  • Test and Learn 

Pre-requisites to participate 

  • Already active webshop 

  • First sales realized. (proof of concept online)

  • Organic social media channels, which are actively posted on.

After the first session, we will go deeper into specific topics over the next workshops in the series, how to set up, manage and grow for eg:

Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Google Ads and more.

PS: For more information feel free to contact Aisha Kothari

VLAIO (Vlaams Agentschap voor Innoveren en Ondernemen) attaches great importance to topics such as these. Therefore this workshop is part of our EYnovation program execution for VLAIO and is as such open to all Flanders-registered start-ups.

Date And Time

April 30, 2020, 15:30 - 17:30



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