As you probably know by now, EY is constantly looking for new ways to innovate itself. In order to stay at the pulse of innovation, we want to team up with bright, inventive and out-of-the-box-thinkers like yourself. So do you have a way to accelerate EY’s growth by pitching your product or service to our C-level on June 26th? Please scroll down!

Challenge 1: Boosting HR (HR Tech)

Back in the day HR strictly revolved around the hiring of resources and payment. Over the years HR became HR Management. This evolution entails that the discipline evolved towards an agile department going way further than its initial purpose. Today HRM stands for so much more. It covers different categories of the people aspect within companies and is one of the crucial elements in the successful realization of the company’s strategy.

For over five consecutive years EY has been one of the greatest places to work in Belgium. Hiring over 100 new colleagues each year EY relies heavily on its HR professionals in finding the most suitable solutions to ensure EY’s global leading position. However, also our HR team is facing challenges in different aspects.

Challenge 2a: Boosting client satisfaction : UX

More than ever user experience and the analysis of it is a crucial aspect of conducting successful business. It ensures users having the best possible experience, recommend it to others and come back for more. EY believes that UX shouldn’t stand alone. UX, marketing, sales, and all our services are connected through the way people perceive them. We are looking for new technologies to improve the way we present ourselves towards clients, leads and possible new hires. The user experience and the feeling people get from EY should be at par at all times. User experience techniques or tools are there-fore key in the future.

Challenge 2b: Boosting business efficiency

Not only our clients, but also our collaborators need products and services that help them work more efficiently. In this regard we’re for example thinking of automation for drafting offers. A wizard or other handy tool could make us save time and make sure the lay-out, the content and all other necessary elements like terms and conditions reach expectations at all times. Time we can use for other, more challenging tasks.

Besides drafting offers, using RPA will entail a significant decrease in hours spent on a client, for example while reviewing financial statements.

Challenge 3: Boosting big data use

As a renowned multidisciplinary consultancy firm, EY gathers and manages all sorts of data. These data must be protected at all times. Nevertheless, we can use some information to continuously improve our offerings and support clients in optimizing their business activities.

24/7, we ensure that our clients and their data are fully protected. However, we are eager to discover the newest (read better) technologies in big data storage and how it can be integrated into our company. That’s why we’re looking for the next big thing in data security and privacy.

Challenge 4: Boosting external offerings

EY is one of the leading consultancy firms worldwide. In order to always bring the best to our clients, we’ve divided our offerings into four service lines.

At EY we’re constantly looking to bring innovative ideas, tools and solutions to our clients. In order to keep doing this, we’re not only looking within EY walls. We’re keeping an eye out for you. The start-up, scale-up or other great organization that is developing the solution everyone is waiting for. Launchpad Meetup @ EY gives you the chance to show us your idea and tell us how you’d like to see us cooperate with you in bringing it to the market together.

For a start-up, it’s often quite a challenge to complete the process from idea to a finished product. That’s where EY comes in. Together we can polish the idea and introduce it into the market.

Why would you want EY to get involved? For starters, EY and its people have a massive worldwide network in practically all industries. This means we can find the right match for you and your product. Another reason for us to get involved is the fact that we deliver. Startups often don’t have the right amount of people to develop the idea and to make it tangible on short term. We do! We always have the expert you need to not only be your sounding board, but can help you with the development of your idea. We’re eager to get our hands dirty and, together with you, create the masterpiece you envisioned. So what are you waiting for?