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NMBS Reversed Pitch

Bike Parking Challenge

Over the past few years, there has been a transformation in mobility, with more individuals seeking sustainable and efficient alternatives to traditional modes of transportation. One significant aspect of this transformation is the growing trend of using bicycles in conjunction with train travel for daily and work commutes, going to the university, to work and more. This combination of bicycle and train travel has gained popularity among people due to its cost-effectiveness, efficiency, promotion of physical activity, a healthier lifestyle and conscious efforts towards environmental sustainability.​

Currently, 20% of train passengers in Belgium are cycling ​to the station, highlighting the increasing popularity ​of this mode of transportation. Recognizing this trend,​ it becomes imperative to optimize the customer ​experience for these bike-train commuters, addressing ​their specific needs and ensuring their journeys​ are seamless and convenient.​

The Reversed Pitch event will take place on 19th of September 2023 at the EY wavespace in Antwerp, Belgium. Submission Deadline is 21st of August 2023.

Watch the info webinar here!

The Future

SNCB/NMBS wants to create an ecosystem of secure bike parking facilities that cater to the needs of their commuters. By 2032, the goal is to establish 100 secured bike parkings, providing reliable and convenient parking solutions for bikes. With a capacity to accommodate over 150.000  parking spaces, phased over the next years, we aim to meet the growing demand and ensure the safety and security of commuters’ bicycles.​

Open Call

SNCB/NMBS invites startups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs and innovators to join forces with them. Together, we can tackle this challenge and revolutionize the way people commute, ensuring an optimized customer experience for bike-train commuters. Through collaborative efforts and co-creation we will pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.


Challenge #1: Access Control

How can innovative technology enhance the user experience in our paid bike parkings by improving the access flow​ in an unstaffed context?​

The SNCB/NMBS wants to provide a more efficient way of access to the paid bike parkings that ensures an easy flow, user-friendly experience, digital integration, quick processing, automated operation and enhanced safety for the travelers. This flow will optimize the capacity usage of the parking. At this moment, MoBIB cards are the only means of access control and SNCB/NMBS is looking for new additional solutions.

Challenge #2: Bike Detection & Tracking

How do we provide better bicycle detection and tracking in the paid bike parkings ​of the SNCB/NMBS ​(IN & OUT)?

Two of the main reasons people address for not using the SNCB/NMBS parkings are fear of theft and vandalism. Due to current regulations on GDPR it is not allowed to use facial recognition but SNCB/NMBS is open to solutions on object recognition. Are there other solutions possible that can work around these limitations? Would users be willing to pay a premium to track their bike within the parking, by using a system where any changes to their bike can be detected? 

Challenge #3: Payment & Registration

How can we improve ​the initial digital registration process and payment to facilitate access to the secured bike parkings for a large spectrum of travellers. How do we optimize the in/out flow?

Currently, all users must register prior to use, even subscribers known to SNCB/NMBS (due to GDPR reasons). SNCB/NMBS needs to be able to identify users in a secure way (with either eID, itsme, or an alternative). The minimum criteria for hard identification are the following: Full name, email address, ID identifier, payment profile and a unique client ID. 

For the payment, SNCB/NMBS is looking into different scenarios: ​

  • PRE-payment via online app / website (webapp)​
  • Ad hoc payment: Bancontact / Kiosk / Counter​
  • POST-payment: monthly invoice / domiciliation (payment provider)

What’s in it for you? 

The SNCB/NMBS Value Proposition for partners

Discover below the advantages of participating.


The Reversed Pitch event will take place on 19th of September 2023 at the EY wavespace in Antwerp, Belgium.

Upcoming Milestones

  • 26th of July: Info webinar on challenges: rewatch here
  • 21st of August 2023 – Submission deadline
  • 28st of August 2023 – Final Selection
  • September 2023 – Pitch coaching
  • 19th of September 2023 – Reversed Pitch event at EY wavespace Antwerp (Belgium)

For more information and details, contact Dimitri: [email protected]

For more information on the pilot project: