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Robivision wins the ‘Prijs van de Vlaamse Regering voor de Scale-up van het Jaar’ 2020

Brussels, 8 December 2020. Robovision from Ghent won the ‘Prijs van de Vlaamse Regering voor de Scale-up van het Jaar’ 2020 this evening. The award was handed over during the ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ 2020 award ceremony. The other nominees for this prestigious award were FibriCheck, THEO Technologies and Unifly. Robovision received the award from Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon. As the 15th winner of the prestigious title, Robovision follows in the footsteps of Guardsquare from Leuven, the 2019 winner.

Robovision develops Deep Learning software used in Agri, Medical, Security and Manufacturing. It boosts efficiency for companies investing in AI and allows non-coders to deploy the technology in their work environment independently. Robovision has grown and doubled in size each year, for three years in a row. The team is growing too. More and more international machinery manufacturers are seeing the competitive advantage of augmented intelligence in their machines and are choosing Robovision as a solution.

Robovision Scale-up van het Jaar

Robovision chosen as Scale-up van het Jaar

The ‘Scale-up van het Jaar’ award is a prestigious prize, given by the Flemish Government to reward fast-growing, strongly developing companies for their efforts and motivate them for the future. The jury chooses the candidate which it believes could one day be a winner of ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®.

“With its proven, groundbreaking proposition, Robovision is a worthy winner of the ‘Prijs van de Vlaamse Regering voor de Scale-up van het Jaar’. Robovision’s technology democratizes Artificial Intelligence in the market and has broad applications: from the agricultural sector to manufacturing and smart cities. The company has great potential for growth and impact, in Belgium and abroad. We should also highlight the strong vision of CEO Jonathan Berte”, Hans Crijns, Professor of the Vlerick Business School and chairman of the jury, explained the choice of Robovision.

The ‘Prijs van de Vlaamse Regering voor de Scale-up van het Jaar’ is awarded to companies which have the potential to become ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ someday, and the jury is totally convinced of this in its choice of Robovision. Robovision is profitable and has sufficient cashflow to develop and grow autonomously. CEO Jonathan Berte is a highly driven and visionary CEO who will undoubtedly lead the company to the top”, commented Stefan Olivier, partner EY Belgium.

As the 2020 winner, Robovision joins the fine list of winners in recent years: Guardsquare (2019) – Ontoforce (2018) – Playpass (2017) – MediaGeniX (2016) – Destiny (2015) – CMOSIS (2014) – Medec (2013) – Itineris (2012) – Skyline Communications (2011) – Clear2Pay (2009) – Netlog (2008) – Financial Architects (2007) – Transics (2006) – Televic (2005).

Proxyclick awarded the “Scale-up de l’Année” award

On Monday, December 7, Proxyclick was elected as ‘Scale-up de L’année’ during the French-speaking version of the Entrepreneur of the Year event. Proxyclick wins thus the 8th edition of this award and succeeds CluePoints as such.

The prize rewards the Brussels and Walloon scale-ups in the midst of their development phase, who have high potential and a promising future. The aim of the competition is to support these companies and encourage them to maintain their efforts.

“Since the end of 2014, Proxyclick has focused its activity on developing digital solutions for the registration of visitors to business reception. Its service offering, which notably includes the digitization of people entering and leaving, positions Proxyclick worldwide at the heart of an ecosystem that encompasses access control, the management of meeting rooms, wifi access, up to the automated processing of documents related to visitors. The fully integrated management of these flows has enabled the company to establish itself as an essential partner of global players “, underlines the President of the jury, Baron Pierre Rion.

“An experienced management in the sector, a significant opening to the international market, a significant number of jobs created in Belgium, as well as a turnover and a very good growth result allow us to think that Proxyclick will be able to compete soon for the coveted “L’Entreprise de l’Année®” award, ”adds Carl Laschet, administrator at EY.

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