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The blind spot in e-commerce

The blind spot in e-commerce - Patrick Billiet

Birgit Everaert invites founders of startups and scale-ups for a comfy chat in the Startup Sofa. Patrick Billiet is a serial entrepreneur that co-founded, a smart platform for brands & manufacturers to monitor their performance on e-commerce websites.

Finding the blind spot in e-commerce

In a saturated market such as e-commerce, it’s hard to find new business models and create lucrative activities that haven’t been explored before. Patrick (ex Managing Partner MobileXpense) and his eCade co-founders have years of experience in entrepreneurship. They created a platform that applies a helicopter view in analyzing the performance of brands and manufacturers in e-commerce.

Using a pixel that imitates human behavior, eCade scrapes information of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and The software analyzes the data to report not only the performance of the brand, but also its online reputation, pricing positioning, visibility, etc. They offer the gathered data to their clients to measure performance and analyze new potential markets and competitors.

Building a successful tech startup

Finally, Patrick shares his learnings to build a successful tech company:

  • Manage the company & its processes with common sense
  • Allow your platform to evolve, following customer’s feedback
  • Create turnover asap (send your invoices!)

Table of content:

  • Creating new business in a saturated market
  • Serial entrepreneurship
  • Building lean
  • Customers & competitors
  • Finding a balance

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