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Scaling a niche product

Scaling a niche product

Snowvision - Wim Van Roy

Birgit Everaert invites founders of startups and scale-ups for a comfy chat in the Startup Sofa. Wim Van Roy created his startup Snowvision after detecting and validating a true customer’s problem: fogged-up glasses behind ski goggles. After all, it’s strange that no other company came up with a solution for that problem before Wim did!

Ski goggles with integrated glasses

After several feedback loops with professionals in the field, Snowvision started to sell its first ski goggles quite fast. Combining online and offline sales in a B2C strategy, Wim believes in strong collaborations with platforms like Amazon and, but also with opticians and sport chain stores.

Wim stepped out of his comfort zone, which is developing the product, to pitch his business to investors. He developed sales skills and learned that you have to be able to do it all as a founder.

During our Bootcamp Get Investor Ready and other pitching opportunities he participated in, he shaped a strong vision about pitching to investors:

“I think, what’s important when you go pitch; is that you tell something authentic, ‘cause then it also resonates with people. And you don’t have to force yourself when you talk about your story.”

Table of content:

  • Validate the idea
  • Scaling a niche product
  • Starting a business means doing it all yourself
  • Be authentic

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