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9 important changes to the Flemish subsidy landscape for 2021

9 important changes to the Flemish subsidy landscape for 2021

In short: VLAIO (Flemish Agency for Innovation and Enterprise) has made some important changes to its policy that will change the subsidy landscape from now on. The SME growth subsidy has been given a new look, the evaluation criteria for R&D projects have been adjusted and new calls are being

The Key to Get Funded by VCs

Read This to Get VCs Perspective on Why a Good Management Team Matters Many business models rely on a certain amount of funding to realise their goals. There are various sources of funding available for startups such as government subsidies, loans or crowd funding. However, in this article we will

4 European Funding Opportunities to Watch Out for in 2021

The start of the new year presents several European funding opportunities designed to counter two major trends: the global COVID-19 pandemic and the risks of large-scale climate change. Executive summary Four European funding opportunities to watch out for in 2021 Find out the main changes compared to the corresponding funding

10 mistakes a startup makes when looking for funding

How do you go from 50k to 500k with the right approach? As a startup founder and entrepreneur, your passion lies within the warm core of your business. Then comes the fact that you need to make sales, be able to scale and continuously grow your business. In addition, finding the right investors often becomes a full-time job

Pitching tips for startups to investors

Learn it from a VC: pitching tips by Frank Maene

The best funding a startup can have is paying customers. The next best option would be investment funding. Agree? One way to connect with investors is attending a pitch event. Such events are organized in order to match startups with the right investors, think of The Factory’s Investment Launchpad Meetups,
Looking to raise funding during COVID19?

How to raise funding in the new normal

If you were looking to raise funding for your startup or scale-up, prospects might have turned a bit darker in the short-term. During this COVID19 crisis, potential new customers and investors are postponing meetings and decisions. Actual customers might be pending their payments… It seems unlikely that the initial revenue