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Get investor-ready in 6 weeks' time!

6 lessons you will learn during the EY Up Masterclass Funding

EY offers you a unique Masterclass that prepares your company for investment. This Masterclass combines video content from top-notch funding experts with personal follow-up and self-assessments that prepare you for your search for funding. In 6 weeks’ time, you will get a full overview of what to do when you’re looking for funding. At the end of the Masterclass, you’ll receive a personal graduation certificate!

Startup advisory board

3 Reasons why your startup needs an Advisory Board

As a startup, you need to make the right decisions to survive. But instead of second-guessing yourself, why not get some senior external people to help you with that? Sure, you can get some mentor(s) that you find yourself or get through your accelerator. But why not get these all

How to Write a Job Description in 3 Simple Steps

Download the Job Description Checklist at the bottom of this post! Looking to hire? Writing a job description is more than just making a list of tasks and responsibilities that come with the job. What is life like in your company? Why would someone want to work for you? What


How to Use Instagram for Your Startup

Instagram for startups: yay or nay? We say yay! No matter what your product is, Instagram will always be an added value to help grow your business. It’s just a matter of finding the right strategy. Aisha S. Kothari, EYnovation team member, Business Strategy Consultant at EY, as well as Founder of AISPI, gladly shares with you a few tips and tricks in Instagram usage for startups and scale-ups. Instagram: a boon or a bane? Let’s get you Insta-Ready!

Firestarter Hackathon Gets the Fire Brigade Ready for the Future

Watch the Aftermovie Listen to the podcast Firefighting in 2019 The job of a firefighter is risky and dangerous, but also challenging. Helping people in need and saving lives is a noble task. Teamwork and respect for technical rules are essential in firefighting. Technological developments in residential and commercial environments

WATCH: Firestarter Hackathon Aftermovie

The Firestarter Hachathon was a huge hit! On the 17th of October, more than 100 hackers gathered at the EY wavespace in Antwerp. Their mission was to future-proof the firefighting services and to build solutions for 3 predefined challenges: Smart Buildings Smart Mobility Smart Fire Services VIAS and Netwerk Brandweer