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Innovation @ EY

Innovation @ EY

Enabling innovators within EY

Mindset of change

Together with our EY colleagues, we build an innovative culture within the company that stimulates a mindset of change. We translate business challenges into technical solutions and train the EY workforce in innovative thinking.

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4 phases towards a scalable solution


Find your idea

Innovation through
We help you capture,
review & enrich your ideas.


Validate the idea

We check if your idea meets all necessary requirements and design an interactive prototype from scratch!


Build the solution

Once we’ve ticked off all technical requirements, we go into dev-mode and deliver your first ready-to-use product.


Grow the product

Time to optimize your product! Make it the go-to product for your users. By transforming it into a standard, your product will be easier to scale to a larger audience.


  • Business Models & Disruptive Innovation
  • Lean, Agile Methods and Application Training
  • Design Thinking

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Start innovating now

(Access only for EY employees)

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