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EY intrapreneurs “Pitch for Good” to create a positive impact during and after crisis times

It has been a crazy journey the past 3 months! Due to the sudden unprecedented crisis times, all EY colleagues from the Western-Europe, French-speaking Sub-Saharian Africa and Maghreb (WEM) region were challenged to come up with innovative ideas on how EY can create a positive impact towards our clients, our people and our society as a whole.

This campaign within EY, called “Challenge for Good” gathered 114 wonderful ideas. The ideas range from new collaborative platforms, ways for reducing our carbon footprint, innovative supply chain platforms, speed dating etc. 10 of those ideas have been selected for a chance to be developed. This ideation phase is the first step of The Factory’s innovation @ EY program.

Congratulations to the winners

During a live stream to all EY colleagues on Thursday, July 9th, 3 ideas have been awarded by a jury of EY Management. These are the 3 winners:

  1. Olaf Janssen, Executive Director in Assurance, EY Belgium. Winner of the ‘Clients Challenge’. Idea to future-proof clients.
  2. Sander de Boer, Senior Manager in Strategy, EY The Netherlands. Winner of the ‘People Challenge’. Idea to create a small job marketplace within the firm.
  3. Micheli Cordeiro, Senior Manager in Assurance, EY The Netherlands. WInner of the ‘Society Challenge’. Idea to track our individual carbon footprint.
Pitch For Good

What will happen next?

The Factory will start the innovation process together with the winners! Olaf, Sander and Micheli will get support in realizing their idea throughout 3 phases. In a first phase, they will assess the idea’s viability, desirability and (technical) feasibility. The teams will build a Business Model Canvas and a first prototype to gather customer feedback and build upon the learnings they gather from the user data.

Pitch for Good - Next steps

Stay Tuned!

If you, as EY colleague, would like to stay tuned for more updates about the realization of their projects, or you want to start your innovation journey within EY, click here!

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