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4 Reasons to Book a Free EY Expert Session

Running your own company, you have a 1000 things to do: be a CFO, recruit new employees, find the right product-market fit, look for investors; and all this on a very tight budget. EYnovation™ offers founders of startups and scale-ups one-on-one sessions with EY experts to advise them in the most effective way on all kinds of topics like legal, tax, HR, strategy, marketing, etc. Here are 4 reasons why you should book an EY expert session:

1 | You’ll save money

First of all, the expert sessions are free or charge. Without any cost, you can connect with high-level consultants who advise top companies and are happy to share their knowledge with you. These EY consultants free up time to work with startups and understand the challenges you encounter as a founder.

Thanks to their advice, you’ll also be able to save money in your business. Our consultants are experts in tax optimization and alternative remuneration, just to give you a few examples. Our Lawyers will help you avoid financial downfalls due to bad negotiations with investors. 

2 | You’ll save time

During EY Expertise Days, you can book multiple meetings on one day with experts in diverse fields. In one day you can talk to tax experts, legal experts, funding experts, HR experts and more… and even get your business model challenged. This is expertise you will normally not find in one room. But on this day you will, so take full advantage of it.

3 | You’ll get connected

The fact that you will receive advice and guidance from our experts is clear now. But don’t forget that these experts also have a huge network they can activate for you! You’ll not only get connected to the right advisers for your startup or scale-up, you will also receive valuable references from them. They can connect you to potential investors, accelerators, international connections and clients.

4 | You’ll see things from a different perspective

Being a founder of your own company, it’s crucial to find objective, third-party advisers to reflect on your ideas and strategies. Our EY experts are perfect for the job, as they have experience in client consulting. You can ask them to challenge your business model and assumptions, to advise you in your investment strategies, financial plans, … EY has a wide range of consultants in different expert fields. It’s up to you to choose the right one! 

End of November, our EY Expert Sessions got rewarded with the Better Begins With You Award! This international EY competition rewards exceptional performances from EY teams all over the world. Read more about it here.


Easily book an EY Expertise session when it fits your schedule. Click here to book a session.